Why Jason Drees Coaching?

In a basic sense, Jason Drees Coaching helps people go from point A to point B.  The real magic occurs in coaching when clients stop aiming at targets based on their past results & expectations and start aiming at what’s possible.  The Jason Drees Coaching system is designed to help people unlock their full potential, so they can aim at the peak of what’s possible in their lives. The program then aligns the clients mindset with the target so that working towards higher targets occurs with ease and flow.


Mindset Transformation

The most powerful aspect of coaching is mindset transformation, also called your “inner game.” The persistent patterns of thought you think directly relate to the emotions; actions & results you will realize. The fastest way to gain greater, immediate results is by transforming your inner game.

Yes, you can do this on your own (not very easily) – but working with Jason will accelerate this process to its maximum potential.  You will most likely find yourself evolving from the first moment you speak with him.


Changing Beliefs

Jason has developed & mastered a 60-second belief change process. This creates a shortcut to removing mental roadblocks that are you holding you back from what you want most.  A lot of coaches struggle here or require immense mental focus & pain to transform old beliefs, whereas Jason’s process is so simple that once you learn it you can do it on your own.


Flow and Ease

There’s a lot of talk and social conditioning around hard work & hustling.  The fact is that volume of work or intensity of effort does not guarantee success.  Alignment creates success. In fact, pushing with force to make change creates an environment where inner game transformation becomes harder. The fastest way to greater success is to flow into it. Client’s working with Jason often comment on how moving into a life they want was much easier than they expected it to be.

Find your path

Everyone has a unique path in life. The closer you get to your path, the more happiness & abundance you’ll experience in life. This is probably a new strategy for most people.

Once you start getting connected to who you really are, doubt & self judgement will begin to disappear. New ideas & opportunities will start coming your way.  Your confidence will increase. It will start to feel like things are going your way and you don’t know why.  You will become equipped to handle things that in the past would stop you in your tracks.


Do the impossible

How many things in your life have you always wanted but never had the chance to experience?  What if you were to become aligned, empowered & supported in getting everything you want in life?  What would that be like? What would that be worth to you?

Jason is the exact guide you need to help align you with creating more success at higher levels than you’ve ever reached before.  His ability to immediately shift your inner game (beliefs, perspective, ideas) allows you to chase after what you may have been scared of in the past with a confidence and passion that creates joy in the process.

So, whether it’s having more money, more health & vitality, more fulfilling relationships, transforming your work, changing your career, or transforming your emotional intelligence – there really isn’t another coach like Jason Drees.