Your Role Model or Mentor may be the problem

Written by on June 10, 2019

Everyone has a unique path to success. And while mentors and role models are a good idea to review from time to time, being just like a role model might the exact reason for not achieving or receiving that ring you want most.

The reason for this is that trying to be like a role model or mentor, often creates self judgement & resistance for not being like them. This often turns into resistance against the present and what you have now. Which creates urgency to create the change => rushing. Rushing drives you right into your head – blocking your internal voice. Making it difficult to hear your subtle inner guidance.

The truth is that you can never truly be like a mentor / role model because you are not them. You are different and unique.

Your path to success is your unique path to success.

To find your unique path to success, you need slow down, let go of self-judgments & expectations, let go of social conditioning, and let go of what your corporate / personal growth trained mind thinks should be happening.

To find your path to success…


– this does mean taking less action, simply operating from a place of not rushing.

JOURNAL on paper for 20 min a day

– When you journal for 20 min a day on paper, you have to slow down. And when you slow your thoughts down, their power increases. Notice specific times during the day when you were driven by impulse (mind) vs desire (heart / internal guidance).

SLOW DOWN some more

– Take a breathe before picking up the phone. Take a breathe before getting out of bed. Take a breathe before taking a bite of lunch.

TAKE A BREAK from self judgement & expectations

– List out the expectations you are living with. What you should be doing. What you should be eating. Who you should be like. List out where they came from. Remember, you are burning energy on a daily basis fighting your own resistance. Drop the expectations and should be like’s and watch what happens.

OPEN yourself up to what life is bringing you

– Take 20 minutes to notice what life has presented you that you my have not noticed. What opportunities last week did you not notice.


1. Life is always bringing you what you want. You are always creating. You are never not creating. The problem for most people is that they spend more time creating what they don’t want and not enough time creating what they do want.

2. Change happens now, not tomorrow

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