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 Unlock Your Full Potential with the Power of Mindset Alignment

Why Mindset Matters

Harnessing the power of mindset allows you to create success faster, live a happier life, and control your outcomes like never before. If you believe there is more for you in this life, Jason Drees Coaching will teach you the tools and strategies you need to access it.


Explore What Is Possible

Performance Coaching

Receive individualized coaching designed to bring out your best, maximize your human potential, and help you hit bigger targets than ever before.

Mindset Education & Training

Access the latest, most advanced mindset tools on the planet and learn to integrate them into your daily life in a live, collaborative environment.

Community & Peer Group

Surround yourself with business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and other high-performing individuals working towards unlocking their ultimate human potential.

Mentoring & Mastermind

Achieve your goals faster than ever by learning from mentors and a support network of peers who will push to achieve beyond what you thought possible.

Success Stories

"Jason’s coaching has transformed my life to the point where I am looking to increase my net worth by 8 figures in a few short months."

Hemal Badiani

Banking Executive, Real Estate Investor

"When I began working with Jason, I made just over $60K per year. Making $100K felt absurd. $200K felt impossible. Today I make several million dollars per year."

Brandon Turner

Real Estate Investor, Writer, Entrepreneur, & Host of “The BiggerPockets Podcast” with 65,000,000+ Downloads

"There was so much more to life than grinding away at a W2 that burnt me to a crisp. I've given up a W2 $100K+/year job for a $100K/month business!"

Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh

Business Owner, Best-Selling Author & Public Speaker

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Mindset Academy 

Join Now! Don't miss out on the opportunity to join hundreds of others who have created enough time & freedom to spend with family while having a “tribe” of other high performers who “get it”. Join the 1% club and make a positive impact on the world while making a positive impact on your bank balance! 


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Jason's Inner Circle

Conquer limiting beliefs + create alignment for 3-10x growth in six months, in this exclusive group. Now, accepting applications for Q2 2023.



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Accessing and growing into the highest version of yourself is worth celebrating and sharing with others. We would love to hear about your prosperous life transformations, financial breakthroughs, and the power of mindset in your life.