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Learn, practice, and integrate the most advanced mindset tools available today.

★ Level 1


Become the architect of your own life in just 6 weeks. Your mindset shapes your reality, and Mindset Academy Foundation is designed to equip you with the foundational tools necessary to master your psychology and create the life you’ve always wanted. Members leave this program with a core understanding of the Jason Drees Coaching philosophy and principles that empower you to take charge of your finances, goals, mindset, and reality. 

Program Start Date:

August 1st, 2022

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★ Level 2


Leverage successful mindset practices in everyday life so you can achieve, do, and become even more. Just like personal care and health, taking charge of your mindset requires regular and consistent effort, and Mindset Academy Advanced is designed to support you on your journey to success. Here, you’ll deepen your knowledge of the core principles learned in level 1 with strategic application and integration. Mindset mastery will become a part of your everyday life. 

Program Start Date:

Actively Enrolling New Members

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★ Level 3


An exclusive, small-group mastermind for those who are brave enough to pursue impossible targets - led by Jason Drees Master Coaches. Mindset Academy Elite is a transformative 3-month journey designed to accelerate growth and transformation by combining all four pillars of our methodology: performance coaching, mindset education & training, peer group collaboration, and mentoring. Members of this program personalize and expand upon the core mindset principles covered in levels 1 and 2, allowing them to chart their own unique path to incredible success. To ensure individualized attention, space is extremely limited and entry is by application only.

Program Start Date:

August 2022

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★ Level 4

Inner Circle

If you want to receive individualized coaching, designed to bring out your best, maximize your human potential and help you hit immediate and bigger targets than ever before, then Jason's Inner Circle mentor group is for you. This elite and private group is for high-performers who want to 10x their life, build and maintain grounded relationships, and have direct access to Jason Drees. 

With a 6 month commitment, Inner Circle members receive one-on-one coaching, training and education materials, paid access to a JDC live event and much more. Discover how life really works and remove any resistance to doing the impossible, alongside Jason Drees. Limited to 15 people. Entry is by application only and member requirements must be met.

Program Start Date:

July 5, 2022

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