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The hero in you knows that something greater is rising!

The journey of a hero is not for everyone. It has challenges and great rewards, and it's an incredible way to live life on your terms. 


Are you ready to push past what you thought was 100%?

Evolve and expand with Jason & his elite Inner Circle Mastermind community through a 6-month journey into into greatness.

Jason Drees' Inner Circle 

As life evolves, the tools required to stay in alignment with life, also evolve. It’s a never-ending adventure. Work with the master of mindset alignment – Jason Drees – and put his latest and proven concepts into practice to change your life and push yourself to crush any target, no matter how impossible it may seem. This program is designed to push you to your limits. This is the level that Jason and all his top clients play life at. Past members have grown their income 3-10x in 6 months!

 Jason’s Inner Circle is the only place where you can get access to his personal alignment tools and resources - in real time - to achieve and increase your success. If you want consistent and proven systems to keep you inspired and aligned as you understand your inner workings better to push through your limits, remove resistance, and access your full potential, join this exclusive group. Entry is limited and won't last long, so take advantage now! 

 What could you accomplish if you achieved the following: 

  • Unlock and stay in alignment with your full potential
  • Make overwhelm and imposter syndrome a thing of the past
  • Create alignment for 10x and stabilized growth
  • Overcome invisible barriers and limiting beliefs that block you from playing at your highest level
  • Uncover your unique journey to greatness and live on your own terms
  • Master business and financial growth in a balanced way
  • Valuable insight from other high-performing individuals 

 Enrollment opens July 1.



Program Specifics:

  • Weekly Tuesday Calls
    • 4 x 45 minute calls per month, Inner Circle Community Mastermind (at 12:00p CST)
  • Complimentary Access to JDC Programs and Services
    • Do the Impossible Quick Start ($97 value)
    • Mindset Academy ($197 value)
    • Monday Mindset Reset Calls
    • Private Community Access of 1,000+ members
  • Coaching Contract - 6 months with a JDC Master Coach, 60 minutes/month ($7,400 value)

All The Tools You Need To Fully Grow, Expand & Become Financially Fearless!

"...Family legacy, I'm doing it right now...I'm making more money now than I've ever made, and now I have the tools and skillset to continue to make more money!  ...I'm not scared. I can survive no matter what." - Karen Chenaille

"I've spent more money on coaching than I ever thought I would x10, but it's easily been one of the best investments I've made for sure! ...What's most important is that I am a better dad and husband. ... You won't regret it. It will add to every aspect of your life." - Nick Condie 

"I'm in a place now where I don't do anything I don't want to do! ...I don't worry about anything, and that comes from the right peer group, the right coaches, and the right mindset. That's what you get. Bring it into your life... Find it and don't wait. - Kirk Jaffe

"If you have the tools to get into alignment when you are self-aware that you're out of alignment, that is where the magic is. Get aligned and say yes!" - Love Gist

Are you going to invest in yourself? 

Complete the following application to join Jason's Inner Circle and a JDC Team member will follow up with you. 

Requirements must be met

Meet Jason Drees

Over the past decade, Jason Drees has helped thousands of people around the world achieve their ultimate human potential. Jason doesn’t help people create success, he simply provides strategies and techniques that remove his clients’ resistance to success.

Jason is the well-known performance coach for Brandon Turner, former host of the Bigger Pockets Podcast and CEO of Open Door Capital. In 5 years of coaching Jason, Brandon was able to create 100X financial growth in his real estate business as well as enormous growth in other areas of his life like moving to Hawaii and working substantially less than before.

Beyond Brandon, Jason's coaching techniques have helped countless investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders become millionaires while also living a more fulfilled and aligned life. His proven mindset strategies have been applied across over 15,000+ hours of coaching and thousands of people. Jason himself used his own techniques to create 10X growth in a 4 month period in 2020.

The latest, most advanced mindset tactics in the world originate from Jason Drees Coaching, and the Mindset Academy 10x Elite program is the only place to work with Jason directly.