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Stefanie Sinisgalli

Executive Administrator

Stefanie is the glue that holds it all together for Jason and JDC. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she came to JDC with 23 years of experience at the c-suite level. Prior to joining Jason, she worked for the Chairman and CEO of Sanmina, the CMO of Symantec, SAP, and the President of Dockers, Levi Strauss. When she stepped out of the corporate world, she managed one non-profit and directed the operations for a small business for over six years. 

Ben Austin

Director of Coaching

Ben enjoys the outdoors, riding his motorcycle, and cooking with cast iron. With over 30,000 hours of coaching, training, and facilitating experience, Ben loves amplifying aligned leadership, presence, and tenacity. 

Jennifer Leshkevich

Programs Manager

Jennifer takes all the amazing ideas and practices from Jason’s head and turns it into digestible program content. Jennifer hails from Michigan originally but has lived in California since 2008 when she began attending the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She graduated with multiple degrees, honors, and awards, and enjoys learning purely for the sake of learning. Prior to working with Jason, she was a Producer and Content Developer at Jumpcut, an online business education company. She also served as Associate Vice President for a small marketing & public relations firm.  

Joe Moffett

Master Coach

Joe grew up in a small town in NJ outside of Philadelphia. He spent 5 years in the USMC traveling all over the world to include Iraq. Joe's journey of personal development began in Network Marketing where he fell in love with helping other people. From there, he went on to pursue professional coaching as his primary focus. He received his Master's Degree in Performance Psychology, co-authored a Best-Selling Book on Amazon, and has done over 20,000+ coaching calls in the 8 years. Joe is married, with 2 boys, and lives in the Boise, Idaho area. His hobbies are investing, snowboarding and personal development. 

Matt Haddad

Master Coach

Matthew Haddad is a Board-Certified Coach who has worked for some of the top self-development companies in the industry. For the past 15 years, he’s helped hundreds of clients break through limiting obstacles and achieve their most important goals. With several thousand hours of coaching experience under his belt, he remains just as passionate and fired up as he did on day one. Before Matthew’s Coaching Career, he was a Real Estate Investor and Mortgage Broker in Myrtle Beach, SC. which makes him a great fit for our team.  Matthew’s main passions are self-development, helping people live their best lives, crypto investing, and playing guitar. 

Andrew Devlin

Master Coach

Andrew is originally from the north of England and left home to travel the world for 6 years teaching Windsurfing and Sailing. He then became the highest grossing Personal trainer in service in Cruise Line history. Andrew met his wife in Alaska on a cruise ship and moved to Colorado where they lived for 18 years. Andrew and his wife now have 4 children and a dog and live in Southern UT enjoying Mountain biking, Off-roading, hiking, skiing and guitars. Andrew has coached over 15,000 hours with business leaders around the world. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, Toyota, World Omni, JM Family, to name a few, on every level from CEO, management teams, to individuals. He has worked with billion-dollar firms and leaders all over the planet and has been a keynote speaker for South East Toyota for 3 years in a row. Now as a passionate part of the JDC coaching team Andrew loves seeing his clients do the impossible and live life and their highest potential.

Cindy Rold

Master Coach

Cindy Rold has been helping people be more resilient, adopt an empowering mindset, and make better decisions about their lives for over 30 years. As a senior law school administrator and professional coach, she has helped thousands of clients from over 35 countries achieve their desired outcomes. Cindy brings a multitude of tools, processes, and resources to her work with clients.  She knows how to get the best results from clients given their distinct personalities and needs.  The hallmark of her work is her flexible approach, which keeps her from giving cookie cutter solutions to complex situations. 

Paula Hundertajilo

Master Coach

Has been a coach for 9yrs. NLP Master Strategist, Business Results Trainer, studied Reiki and other out of the box methods. Owned and sold 3 successful businesses. Emigrated from the UK to Canada in 2006. Holds a 5th Dan in Taekwondo. Committed to being in the game called life and having fun even when life throws curve balls.

Mario Hundertajilo

Master Coach

Mario is originally from England, and moved to Canada in 2006. Married to Paula, (also a JDC coach.) Served as a Policeman and Police Conflict Resolution/ Self Defence/Tactics trainer for 25 years. Been a Martial Arts Business owner for over 40 years. (UK and Canada) 7th Dan Master, Taekwondo. Real Estate Investor (Long Term Flips) Legacy Program/Kiyosaki. Master in Philosophy. (Under Harvard Uni). Certificate in Teaching. (Manchester, UK). Certified in Hypnosis Trained (mental Combat UK and Richard Bandler). Certified in NLP (Mental Combat UK and Strategic Brain USA). Talent Dynamics and DISC Certified. Certified in Coaching in 2006 in UK,2010 Erickson Canada 2013 USA Robbins, Certified in Intervention/Relationship Coaching 2017 Robbins Madanes. Distinguished Toastmaster/ Keynote speaker.

Dru Babcock

Master Coach

Coaching You to your goals and best self is Dru’s calling. He loves this as much as you do! Coaching is simply part of who he is. Dru has years of experience coaching and teaching people (of all ages and backgrounds) with mental and physical performance. He has assisted thousands of his clients to achieve their dreams and in overcoming challenges over the last twenty years. He is also a successful client of the JDC framework for success.  

Colleen Gaffney

Master Coach

Colleen Gaffney, MBA, MCC, has over 25 years’ experience in Human Resources, leadership, and executive coaching roles. Colleen’s unique blend of skills and experience has created a results-oriented approach that helps business leaders and professionals create alignment and maximize their potential. Colleen excels at helping clients design and create the life they want to live by heightening their awareness and using available resources to remove barriers to success. 

Pam Solberg-Tapper

Master Coach

As a Jason Drees Coach, I teach people how to leverage the power of mindset to create massive results. The right mindset fosters ideas, people, resources and inspired actions to create breakthroughs. In this process, clients become their best version of themselves. I am a gap closer. I partner with my clients to remove the resistance that blocks their success. Together we develop the frame, mindset and subsequent actions needed to close the gap from where they are currently to landing their 10x outcomes. With an extensive business background, Master’s Degree, Coaching Certifications, thousands of coaching hours and Jason’s Techniques, I guide clients to create exponential success in life and business. My style is direct, approachable, candid, and inspiring which serves my clients’ highest self. I live on a lake in northern Minnesota with my husband and our two cats. We own a number of residential properties in several states as part of our joint business venture. I am an avid marathon runner, being one of a handful of women who has run a marathon on all of the continents, the North Pole and Mt Everest. Hence, I bring a sense of adventure and “can do” spirit to my coaching clients. 

Suzie Conine

Master Coach

Suzanne Conine is a board-certified coach. For over a decade, Suzie worked full-time as a Master and Platinum Partner coach and Business Results Trainer. Suzie has successfully coached clients in both life and business. Suzie likes to stay informed about current trends and practices and draws from many different influences, including ICF Core Competencies, NLP, Landmark, and hypnosis. It is her combination of intuitive ability and training that makes Suzie a highly valued and sought-after coach. 

Michelle Bianco

Master Coach

A born and raised New Yorker with a sassy attitude, Michelle has dedicated her life to help others achieve their goals and live life on their own terms. As a coach, Michelle works with clients to help them identify, discover and embrace that which makes them different, harness that power, and use it to their advantage.  Michelle believes all people possess the ability to create positive change and is passionate about encouraging individuals to tap into their full potential. Her keen intuition and playful sense of humor is the hallmark of her success, and the foundation that allows her to guide clients to achieve a fulfilling and extraordinary life. Over the past 12 years and over 10,000 hours of one-to-one coaching experience, Michelle has found a passion for unlocking the forces inside a person so they can create the life they truly desire.

Peter Warne

Master Coach

Peter brings a wealth of corporate experience to his coaching and consulting practice. With over 13 years in sales and strategic consulting for major international corporations (such as Xerox and American Express) and over 20 years as a coach and entrepreneur, Peter has a clear understanding of the issues and challenges facing individuals seeking to achieve excellence in the areas of leadership effectiveness, sales performance, strategic planning and vision work and life balanceBy securing a number of key strategic alliances, Peter has assumed leadership roles and responsibilities spearheading various global coaching initiatives:

Director of Business Development -(provided business development and strategic planning services to one of the world’s premier coach training organizations)

Director Strategic Accounts -(consulted with executives on sales strategies, marketing positioning, branding and strategic alliance negotiations for a leadership and coach training & development company)

Executive VP Strategic Accounts -(developed global coaching solutions for an international executive search firm)

Master Elite & Platinum Coach Peter was one of only a handful of Platinum Coaches in the world licensed to leverage the advanced coaching skills developed by one of the world’s foremost authorities on leadership and peak performance. The effectiveness of these coaching tools has been unsurpassed in the results they have provided in working with top sales performers, athletes, political leaders and CEO’s over the last 25 years.

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, and has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you can be.” [It’s about supporting people to realize their highest potential]-Tom Landry