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Mindset Academy 

A high-performance, ongoing membership community for investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who are taking action to achieve their goals.

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About the Program

Designed by Jason Drees and delivered by JDC Master Coaches and other mentors, the Mindset Academy program works to provide alignment coaching, performance coaching, and an elite community for high-performing individuals all over the world. 

With a high-performing entrepreneur community of over 1200, the Mindset Academy program has impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals who continue to join the live sessions 6 times per month to shift their frame, align their mindset, and take action toward their massive goals. 

If you want to surround yourself with successful people and learn the tools and tactics that Jason Drees and Brandon Turner used to grow their businesses and expand every aspect of their lives - this program is for you.

Ready to Fill Your Bank Account for 2023?

If you’re interested in uncovering an elite mindset that will help you access more resources, and help you develop unshakable financial and mental stability while having more time to spend with your family, take advantage of joining Mindset Academy (MSA) for $197/ month. When you sign up you will get instant access to: 

  • Do the Impossible Quick Start Course
  • Monday Mindset Reset Calls with Jason Drees & JDC Master Coaches, every Monday 10:00-10:20 am CST
  • Do the Impossible weekly calls with Jason Drees & JDC Master Coaches, every Monday 10:30-11:00 am CST
  • Weekly Mindset Academy Education & Training Calls with Jason Drees & JDC Master Coaches, every Wednesday, 1:00-2:00 pm CST
  • Live Group Coaching & Guest Speaker Bonus Sessions
  • Quarterly Accelerators Exclusive Access to 5-Day Virtual Workshops with replays
  • Mindset Academy Manual 
  • All 2022 & 2023 Mindset Academy content and replays
  • JDC Community Portal. Members can access live calls, challenges, leaderboards, accountability tools, real-time chat, and more.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to join hundreds of others who have created enough time & freedom to spend with family while having a “tribe” of other high performers who “get it”. Join the 1% club and make a positive impact on the world while making a positive impact on your bank balance! 


Why Members Join Mindset Academy 

Mindset Academy has 3 of the 4 JDC Pillars for enormous growth.

Performance Coaching

Receive individualized coaching in a small group setting designed to bring out your best, maximize your human potential, and help you hit bigger targets than ever before.

Mindset Education & Training

Access the latest, most advanced mindset tools on the planet and learn to integrate them into your daily life in a live, collaborative environment.


Surround yourself with business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and other high-performing individuals working towards unlocking their ultimate human potential.

Hear from happy members!


"My life has seen a complete 180-degree transformation as a result of joining this program.  I've given up a W2 $100K+/year job for a $100K/month business!"

Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh




"I recommend Mindset Academy to anyone looking to push the limits; 4 months ago I would've never imagined going from a 9-5 where felt trapped, to doing real estate full time."

John Klingelhoets




"Our business has exploded - money is air and it's just a number. I had an easy conversation with a $400M hedge fund which is how business should be. The skills of JDC have helped me unlock an abundant mindset while receiving abundant results because I've been doing the right actions in the unknown."

Paul Graham


Mindset Academy Membership


Immediate Access to:

  • Access to the Mindset Academy Slack Community
  • 4x Mindset Sessions per month with Jason, JDC Master Coaches and special guest speakers
  • Quarterly Accelerators and Access to Replays
  • Monday Mindset Reset Call every week
  • Do The Impossible weekly calls
  • Instant Access to the Mindset Academy Manual - Learn everything you need to know before the live sessions
  • Access to replays, recordings, bonus content
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Meet Jason Drees

Over the past decade, Jason Drees has helped thousands of people around the world achieve their ultimate human potential. Jason doesn’t help people create success, he simply provides strategies and techniques that remove his clients’ resistance to success.

Jason is the well-known performance coach for Brandon Turner, former host of the Bigger Pockets Podcast and CEO of Open Door Capital. In 5 years of coaching Jason, Brandon was able to create 100X financial growth in his real estate business as well as enormous growth in other areas of his life like moving to Hawaii and working substantially less than before.

Beyond Brandon, Jason's coaching techniques have helped countless investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders become millionaires while also living a more fulfilled and aligned life. His proven mindset strategies have been applied across over 15,000+ hours of coaching and thousands of people. Jason himself used his own techniques to create 10X growth in a 4 month period in 2020.

The latest, most advanced mindset tactics in the world originate from Jason Drees Coaching, and the Mindset Academy Advanced program is the place where you will put these tactics into practice in your everyday life.

For those brave enough to reach for more.

Fact is, we are only interested in coaching people who truly want it - people who are ready to open themselves up to new frames, mindsets, and perspectives. By this point, you are probably thinking whether or not you should join. Rather than looking at this as a choice between option A or option B, think about it this way: “If not now, when?” If you aren’t willing to make today a turning point in your life, then when will you be ready?

Time is the only resource that all of us have in limited quantity. With coaching, our team can help you access money, love, and appreciation in boundless abundance.

But in the end, there are only so many years each of us is given in this lifetime. How long are you willing to stay on your current path? Do you want to risk wasting more time, money, and effort doing things that just aren’t working? Ask yourself what’s really at stake here. Do you really want to continue down the path of “I’ll do it tomorrow” when leading a rich, fulfilling life is right around the corner?

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Mindset Academy Membership




  • Immediate Access to Do the Impossible Quick Start 
  • Access to the Mindset Academy Slack Community
  • Weekly Mindset Education & Training calls with Jason Drees & JDC Master Coaches on Wednesdays (1:00 - 2:00 pm CST)
  • Monday Mindset Reset Call every week (10:00 am CST)
  • Do the Impossible weekly calls on Mondays (10:30-11:00 am CST)
  • Instant Access to the Mindset Academy Manual - Learn everything you need to know before the live sessions
  • Access to replays, recordings, bonus content
  • Quarterly Accelerators Access