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Inside the Book

Life is just waiting to give you everything you deserve and desire—you just need to shift your mindset to achieve it.

Doing the impossible is not something you make happen, it is something you allow to happen. After conducting 15,000+ personal and group coaching sessions over the last decade, Jason Drees has unlocked the simple yet effective formula to accept and create success in your life on the most basic, instinctive level. When you embrace success as a state of being and align with your targets, a life of abundance and unlimited potential is waiting for you.

After impacting thousands as a performance coach, Jason Drees turned to writing to give readers access to the same life-changing principles he provides in his personal coaching sessions. Learn from Brandon Tuner's own coach, and start doing the impossible in your own life!

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"Do the Impossible suggests tools for maximizing one’s potential... [and] is an enthusiastic guide to adopting positive future visions of oneself."

Foreword Clarion review

“This book is required reading for any entrepreneur that is wanting to go big. Just when you thought you couldn’t go any bigger, Jason has figured out how. If I had read this book when I was getting started, my life and path would have been a lot different.”

Pat Hiban

Co-founder of Gobundance and New York Times best-selling author

“Not only can Do the Impossible help you align with your career goals, but it can also lead the way to more clarity and abundance in your everyday life.”

David Osborn

New York Times best-selling author of Wealth Can't Wait, Bidding To Buy, Miracle Morning Millionaires, and Tribe of Millionaires

"Do the Impossible is THE book to read if you want to expand your mindset and see your world expand in ways you never imagined could become reality. Anyone who is ready to elevate to the next level can use these lessons daily to frame and create exactly the environment they want to live in. It has changed my life, and I know you will find amazing results in your life, as well.”

Kirk Jaffe

Founder/CEO KJE, INC.

“It's been an honor to be coached by the greatest… Jason is a master of his craft. This book outlines his unique and effective technique of framing and shifting realities… for any entrepreneur looking for accelerated growth in the shortest time possible.”

Nina Ibrahimbegovic

Founder of Yugen Investments

“Jason’s work has given me the permission I didn’t know I was looking for to accept my own undeniable greatness… The lessons in this book allowed me to quickly and dramatically change my life in both tangible and intangible ways. Anything is possible when you’re in alignment!”

Amy Ranae

Owner of Brick & Banister Real Estate Co.

“The mindset acceleration principles taught in this book are identical to the principles Jason teaches his private clients. I have been in Jason's coaching program for over two years… [and] all aspects of my life have been radically transformed for the better. My relationships are richer, my professional achievements have skyrocketed, and my finances have flourished. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!”

Karen Chenaille

Real estate investor